Aluminium Scaffolding Rental and Manufacturer is top quality scaffolding

This scaffolding is made of light but firm aviation aluminium alloy so it is easy to assembled, move and keep. And its weight is only one third of the traditional one made of steel, which avoids any damage to the floor.

Movable Aluminium alloy scaffolding, with its advanced design and unique technique, has been widely used in hotels, mansions, property management, cleaning work, industrial & mineral enterprises, subway, mega rooms, decoration & cleaning, electricity generation, power supply, aviation, shipping trade, for its safety, convenience and efficiency. It is the perfect assistance for the customers to operate their aerial maintenance, repair, installation and cleaning work.

Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer and aluminium mobile scaffold. Aluminium scaffolding is a temporary structure which is used to support the work crew by aiding them in material handling. As a renowned Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer and aluminium mobile scaffold, we ensure each Aluminium Scaffolding Rental and Manufacturer is top quality scaffolding.
Ideal for the home handyman or a tradesman, these mobile towers have been robustly constructed from lightweight high tensile aluminium scaffolding rental. This product is also available as a folding scaffold. Features include interchangeable snap on and quick release braces, castors with lockable brake and platform constructed from non-slip plywood.

Mobile Scaffold Tower is ideal for your narrow access work. They are specifically designed so that you can erect and use this scaffold in restricted access areas. They take up the minimum of space in corridors. These unique single mobile towers only need one platform per level, making them lightweight and extremely portable.